Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Texas State Senator Charles Perry joined the broadcast to talk about illegal immigration, "sanctuary cities" and progress on bills coming to the forefront for the 85th Texas Legislature which begins in 2017.

Perry and Hasty discussed previous and future legislation regarding the issue of illegal immigration and cities that continue to declare their 'sanctuary city' policies in refusing to abide by state and federal law regarding advising immigration authorities about people who are illegally in the United States, one of those cities being Austin, Texas. Perry said,

Austin, in this case, the city's very adamant, very vocal and very public. They're going to be a "sanctuary city", and proud of it. They're going to lose any state grants that are available to that city today if they go forward with that today.

Perry continued, saying,

It's about rule of law, and I think finally people have caught on with it. With federal momentum where it is, with the new presidency where it is, there's no doubt it will get through the process this time.

Perry and Hasty also discussed upcoming legislative items including water, education funding and health care. Perry also talked about the increasing divide between rural and urban areas, as well as the future of the Texas economy.

Regarding the current tight funding situation in the state, and how he believes the economy will soon be improved with Donald Trump as President, Perry said,

I think we're about to pop the top off this economy across this country with the type of policies that the Trump presidency brings to the table.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Charles Perry in the video above.

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