When Scotty McCreery won American Idol last year it was still unknown how big of an impact he would have on country music. But, evidently country music producers knew he had what it takes to be a 'superstar'.

He is currently touring with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry! That's some pretty high-powered company! McCreery is only 18 years old and doesn't think he's anything out of the ordinary. But he says so many people feel a connection to him because he's an average, teenage American kid who plays baseball and sings with a big bass voice  and something wonderful happened to him in the process.

And even though he's a big star, he tells this site hasn't even graduated from high school. "When I'm on the road," he insists, "my mom's teaching me and handling my assignments. But when I'm home, I'll be at the basketball games...anything to just kind of stay connected to my peer group back home."Here's one of my favorite Scotty McCreery songs.