If you watched the CMA Awards this past November you probably saw Brad Paisley perform his new single "The Mona Lisa".

So I'm curious...what do ya think about Brad's new song?  Like it?  Hate it?

Here's my thoughts - this song is going to be that song that will make you grab a dance partner and hit the floor!  And while you're twirlin' around out there you'll be smiling the entire time because this song just SCREAMS FUN!  And if you're not the dancin' type - you'll be with the other non-dancin' types guarding the table and waving your drink in the air as you yell "Woah oh oh...woah oh..."! 

With dancing being one of my all time favorite activities - I feel like I'm gonna need to secure a dance floor and dance partner this weekend so I can go scoot a boot to "The Mona Lisa"!

Hopefully I'll see you on the dance floor!

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