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Rosati's Pizza & Restaurant is planning to open soon here in Lubbock at the South Plains Mall (6002 Slide Road).

Rosati's has over 200 locations across the country, according to their website. Based in Chicago, they have a long and impressive history, promising a truly authentic pizza and Italian food experience. It sounds absolutely delicious.

Here's what Rosati's shares on their website:

Rosati’s pizzeria and Italian restaurant is committed to providing customers with signature Chicago style pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches that offer high quality, value and flavor. We’ve stayed true to our roots, continuing to use fresh ingredients and authentic Italian family recipes. Everything we do is history in the making.

Rosati's menu covers plenty of appetizers, from breaded mushrooms to mozzarella sticks and something decadent called Rosati's Dough Nuggets. These nuggets are for crust lovers. It's crispy, dipped in garlic butter with a side of marinara. Perfect.

They are definitely proud of their pizza crust. In addition to a deep crust, they even have a double dough pizza. Some locations offer a gluten-free choice. Toppings include everything you'd expect, even green olives and feta cheese. Plus, they have pizza with fresh tomato slices on top.

Digging into the pasta dishes promises to be pretty incredible as well. How about Penne and Grilled Chicken A La Vodka? They've also got jumbo wings and tremendous salads.

All around, this promises to be a destination not to be missed. We look forward to trying out Rosati's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant when it opens at the South Plains Mall.

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