Despite the coronavirus pandemic, some Texas traditions remain the same. Texans can still participate in the annual sale’s tax-free holiday from August 7th, 2020 to August 9th, 2020, in preparation for the school year.

Items such as clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks priced below $100 will be exempt from sales tax. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hagar is also reminding Texans they can participate in the sales tax-free holiday when they shop online.

In order to buy items tax-free while online, the purchase must be made between August 7th and August 9th. The sale must be paid for, and the seller must accept the order. The sales tax exemption will apply even if the item is not shipped until after August 9th.

If you do, for whatever reason, have to pay sales tax for qualifying items over the tax-free weekend, you can apply for a sales tax holiday refund by filing out an online form.

Get more information on refunds, all the items eligible that will be tax-free, and all the ways you can participate at the Texas Comptroller's website.

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