Wondering what Robert Downey Jr.’s been up to since he wrapped up his run as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man? It looks like he’s gotten very heavy into car culture, and now he’s made a TV show about it.

Titled Downey’s Dream Cars, the series follows the former Marvel star as he buys and fixes up classic automobiles along with a team of experts. But rather than restoring them to their original condition, he‘s trying to modernize them and make their old gas-guzzling parts more climate-friendly. (That actually sounds like something Tony Stark would do, so maybe this concept is a good fit for him.)

You can watch the trailer for the newly announced series below. It’s set to debut on Max (the newly-renamed HBO Max) next month.

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Here was Downey’s statement on the new show:

We are what we drive, and having amassed a formidable collection of classic cars over the years, I was a petrol spewing mess. And a hypocrite, as I’d founded the Footprint Coalition in 2019 to scale technologies that mitigate climate change. Fortunately, I’m a bit of a dreamer. The last 3 years have been an experiment in hope, as I engaged the best and brightest minds to evaluate, educate, elevate, and decarbonize these vehicles in a way that demonstrates the limitless potential of creative problem solving. It was a huge challenge and an enlightening journey. It’s also just fun to watch.

Downey’s Dream Cars premieres with two episodes on June 22. Two more episodes follow each Thursday through July 6.

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