The Avenger's stole the number one all-time box office sales spot and has now been released on DVD and Blue-Ray to continue to knock your socks off. Well, get ready Marvel Fans because the story for Tony Stark continues in May 2013 with Iron Man 3 and the trailer alone is enough to only leave you wanting so much MORE!

Whoo-hoo!!! Iron Man THREE?!
I'm down. I am a huge fan of all of the Marvel Movies so far. So much so, I've been to the midnight premiere of every single one. So needless to say I felt I HAD to share this trailer with AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!!!!

It's going to blow your mind!
In it, Tony's gained some high-powered enemies, one of which, believes there is no such thing as 'heroes' and then proceeds to blow Stark's house off the side of the cliff.
Speaking of cliffs... this trailer is going to leave YOU hanging off one and wanting more, but if you're a Marvel or Iron Man Fan, you will be put on the edge of your seat!!!

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