Rick Trevino burst onto the country music scene in mid-90's. He followed in the foot steps off other popular Hispanic singers in country like Freddy Fender and Johnny Rodriguez.


He came from a musical family. His father was a member of a local Tejano band. In fact I had the opportunity introduced Trevino on stage when he came to play concert here in Lubbock back in the 90's.

The really cool thing that night was his dad got up with the band and sang the Richie Valens hit song "La Bamba".

Trevino had some great hit songs like a bilingual version of "Just Enough Rope". Other hits included "She Can't Say I Didn't Cry", "Bobbie Ann Mason" and "Doctor Time"

One of my favorites from Rick Trevino was the song "Honky Tonk Crowd".

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