It’s been a hectic few months for Texas Country artist Rich O’Toole since we last saw him in February. He’s toured the Lonestar state, wrote new music and worked feverishly on his new album “Kiss of a Liar.”

Rich visited The Bear studio back in February to put on a special Valentine’s Day show for a select few listeners. Even though he had a few valentines that day, his heart and soul was already wrapped up in the new album.

“My life’s been dedicated to this record. We’ve done a lot of press, getting the master ready, artwork and kinda putting together this cd that we really believe in,” said O’Toole.

The new album, “Kiss of a Liar,” is set to be released on July 19th. O’Toole performed two of the songs, “The Cricket Song” and “Banks of the Mississippi” for his Valentine’s Day serenade. The album will also feature a few duets including “Ay Dios Mio” with Josh Abbott and Wilco’s “Casino Queen” with Pat Green.

O’Toole was most excited about his next single though. Set to be released next week, O’Toole’s newest single is one that may turn a head or two.

“It’s real rebellious for us and a lot of radio stations aren’t gonna play it. It’s called ‘Marijuana and Jalapenos are our two favorite things.’ We’re standing behind and were gonna actually put it out as a nationwide single and see what happens.”

Though it may not get the air play that a song about beer does, “Marijuana and Jalapenos” is a fun song that should go viral.


The internet and social networking is a big outlet for most Texas country music artists. Most musicians are heard on the internet before they are ever heard on air and social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are tremendous drivers of fans.

“It’s big, it’s the only way to connect. I run my own Facebook. I run my own Twitter. I sit in the van for sometimes 7 hours a day talking to the fans.”

Seven hours may not be enough time for O’Toole to spend on the internet as his fan base continues to grow in leaps and bounds. You can talk online to Rich by becoming of fan of him on Facebook, following him on Twitter and visiting his website. While on his website, pick up one of his great Marijuana and Jalapeno inspired shirts. I did, as you can see in the picture.


Listen to the full interview with Rich O’Toole.

While you’re at it, check out this bonus video of Rich performing “The Cricket Song” back in February at The Bear Studios.

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