We surprised The Bair Foundation with Bundtinis to say thank you, and to spotlight and better understand what they do. We want to acknowledge them for all of their hard work and dedication and let them know we appreciate their efforts in our community!

We spoke with Director Stacy Garcia. who explained their mission. She said they are a non-profit foster care agency who is contracted with the state of Texas to license and monitor foster homes. The Bair Foundation is dedicated to matching children with foster homes and monitoring their foster care.

"The state of Texas is really in a crisis when it comes to a need for foster families," she explained, "There are so many kids in this region that are in the foster care system and the reality is there's just not enough foster homes. A lot of kids from the Lubbock area are being removed and being sent to shelters in Dallas and Houston and San Antonio because we don't have enough families here."

There is a big need for foster families in the Lubbock area. If you are interested in fostering a child in need visit the Bair website at bair.org or call the Lubbock office at 806-797-2247.



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