The world may be seeing more of Randy Travis than the singer ever intended. A federal judge struck down efforts by the country star to keep video of his infamous 2012 DUI arrest, in which he appeared naked, from being released to the public.

Travis has worked for years to block the release of the video, with his latest effort being a petition following an attempt at an injunction against the footage's release in September.

However, according to multiple media outlets, the state of Texas plans to release the video on Friday (Dec. 1). “The Court finds Travis has failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing the extraordinary remedy of a preliminary injunction is appropriate in this case,” the order reads.

If the video is released on Friday, it will be redacted from the waist down.

Travis' wife, Mary Davis-Travis, started a petition to garner support against releasing the video, arguing that it shows the singer in the midst of a health crisis and should not be shown due to health privacy reasons.

"The Texas Attorney General’s Office is refusing to follow a state court order from Randy Travis’ 2012 DUI case with threats to release the police dash cam video five years after the incident occurred, even though the case is still under appeal in the federal court system," reads the petition.

"The video, which contains confidential and sensitive footage, was taken after Mr. Travis had suffered a serious concussion as well as various other physical injuries due to the car crash."

Travis' attorney, Martin J. Cirkiel, noted: “When this case started it was only about Randy Travis, but now it has evolved into a case protecting the privacy rights of every American who happens to have a video taken of them when in the midst of a medical emergency or mental health breakdown and wants to make sure those private moments, remain just that -- private.”

Travis suffered a stroke in 2013 following his legal issues and has been re-learning basic skills such as walking, talking, and singing since then. He has been making select appearances testing out his vocal progress since 2016.

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