A tremendous job from Randall King as he performed his new single in studio with us Friday afternoon before his show with Kyle Park at Charley B's in Lubbock.

The humble and honest "Mirror Mirror" is on his brand new self-titled album. In that video, you watch as he faces himself in the mirror and works his way through bottle after bottle.

I had to ask just how much whiskey he drank in the making of that heart wrenching video, and he said that while there was some good whiskey involved, it wasn't all liquor.

"I definitely drink a lot in that video. There were several different bottles. There was a Crown bottle, an Old Crow bottle, and um...a random bottle I hadn't seen...I poured out the random bottles, and ah, they were tea cuz I'm not gonna sit there and drink four bottles of whiskey I'm gonna die," he said, laughing. "But, uh, I did not waste a drop of Crown. Crown is, Crown's my go to."

King also shared with us how he's done some writing with a country music megastar, and we'll have that story coming up for you soon.

It was absolutely terrific having him in studio with Kyle Park as they're out on their Dancin' and Drinking Tour. We can't thank y'all enough for stopping by, sharing your story and your music. You're tremendous talents and we wish you all the best success!

Don't miss an opportunity to check out their music, you'll be really glad you did!

You can watch the official music video for Randall King's "Mirror, Mirror" below.

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