Last night at the White House President Barack Obama was singing the blues, but it's not what you think. With the economy the way it is and everything else that is going on he could very well have been, but this was all about Black History Month.

A bunch of music legends, like Mick Jagger and B.B.King, were at the White House to celebrate blues music in conjunction with Black History Month.

Well everyone knows that the President sang part of an Al Green song when he visited the historic Apollo Theater earlier this year.

So some of the musicians were not going to let this night pass without the President beltin' out the blues.

At the urging of Jagger, King and Buddy Guy, the President took the mike and sang a line from the song "Sweet Home Chicago". Of course they sang that song. That's President Obama's hometown.

Now come on, you don't think they would have done the B.B.King classic "The Thrill Is Gone" do ya?