Tuesday night on "Late Night with Fallon" they scored a coup with Pres. Obama as their guest and even doing a funny slow-jam segment that switched back and forth between goofy and serious. The President, seeking to be re-elected is looking for the younger vote which Fallon's show targets. Check out his gimmicky appearance that has all media buzzing.

But the idea is nothing new. Presidential candidate, Gov. Bill Clinton appeared on the younger demographics that Arsenio Hall brought at that time and appeared in 1992 on that late night show. He not only appeared, he played a saxophone solo of "Heartbreak Hotel".

The first presidential candidate to appear on television, however, happened years earlier. In 1968 Richard Nixon showed up on TV's "Laugh-In". The running joke on the show was to have the guest say "sock it to me". Nixon pondered a long time on different inflections to use for those four words and came out with this four seconds, making television history.

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