Paramount Jewelers' grand opening was Thursday, June 14th right in the heart of the South Plains Mall.

The store sparkles with light and shimmers with the beauty of the incredible jewelry on display, making this one of the most exciting jewelry stores you will ever see.

Paramount Store Manager Sam's enthusiasm was genuine and passionate as he described the beautiful new store.

"We're a Texas-owned and operated store," he said. "We're here to save money for the hard-working people here in Lubbock. We're glad to be here in town and I'm enjoying the move from Dallas. It's a beautiful place, beautiful people, very welcoming.

Sam also talked a little about the store's selection.

"We would like to give all our best to the community. I really want everybody to come check us out. It's a beautiful store, we have a beautiful selection, a lot more variety than you see in a traditional jewelry store," he said. "We have a lot more variety in gold..we also have designer rings, we do have a lot of selection on our Tacori."

Customers can also design their own rings, he explained.

"We have a lot of semi-mounts. We design a personalized ring for our client, we also do a lot of selection of that you can actually design your own ring. We do a lot of custom designing a ring according to what the customer wants, and that's very, very important. I don't think a whole lot of places do that (here in Lubbock). We do specialize in that and everything that we do from our store is guaranteed for life, that's the best part about us."

I also think the best part is the enthusiasm and joy you will find at Paramount Jewelers, making this a genuinely enjoyable place to shop for jewelry.

Welcome to Lubbock Paramount Jewelers and thank you very much for being the sponsor of the beautiful rings for our Shotgun Wedding!

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