There are some things you just don't mess with:

1. Texas

2. George Strait

3. Repeat from the beginning

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That didn't stop one young comedian from drawing a line in the sand and dissing one of our Texas National Treasures.

Meet Ralph Barbosa, a young comedian who was born in Texas, so he should know better.


Yep, he went there. Went after George Strait.


In the now-viral video, Ralph claims to not be a big fan of country music, and that he just "doesn't get it".

In his routine, he comments that, "It's not my thing but my friends are like, 'Nah man, you don't like country because you haven't listened to George Strait! We're from Texas, and he makes these bad ass songs!"

Fair enough, Country Music isn't for everyone...just us normal people. At that point, however, Ralph should have quit while he was ahead. He singled out George's hit "Take Me To Texas", which he says his friends a have been trying to play for him for some time. Barbosa mentioned a lyric in the song which goes, "Take me to Texas, 200 years ago".  He then arched an eyebrow sarcastically and remarked: "I don't know man, I can see how some people might like this song but that's not for me though."

And almost on cue, the George Strait defenders came out, as they should.

TikToker @p_teig said, "Don't ever diss George Strait", but my favorite comment was this one below.


Yes, yes it will.

You may not like Country Music, but you gotta bow down to King George.



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