Shania Twain was recently interview with UP! magazine, which is who she revealed the possible makings of her next album!

Like all the greats have, Shania Twain will be kicking off her own Las Vegas Show soon at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, soon, but she recently told UP! magazine about what her next album would be!

While she has been known to sing in a duet or two with stars like Michael Buble for Christmas, she confessed that if she does make a new album, it'll be her own Christmas album!

"I’m more inclined to make my next record a Christmas album. I’m been dying to do a Christmas album for so long and I think now is the best time to do that. Once the show is underway I’m just going to, no pun intended, chill and fall into one of my nostalgic modes and make a Christmas album."

So there you have it! Straight from the songstress' mouth!

Most artists have already released or are working on releasing their Christmas albums for this holiday season, so we'll most likely be seeing this one from Shania next season.

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