Jerrod Niemann really made a splash on the country scene with his seven part harmonizing 'heartbreak' tune, 'Lover, Lover'. Now, he's climbed charts with 'Shinin' On Me' and is back again with another radio release for all to sink their teeth into!

'Only God Could Love You More' is gonna be the next song you hear at weddings, soon.

It's got an enchanting sound, but the lyrics are what's going to steal the hearts of the ladies. The title alone already tells you it's an uplifting, and kind of empowering, 'Couples' song.

This is his another release off of his 'Free the Music' Album. It's only his second studio album, though, and from the sounds of it, fans are going to want to get their hands on the ENTIRE album.

On CMT.com, Stephanie Pendergrass writes about the newly released album:

Though it includes a wide array of styles, each song on Free the Music seems to effortlessly flow into the next. A task that was no doubt consciously considered.

 See what all the hype is about for Jerrod's new song, 'Only God Could Love You More':


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