I'm always intrigued when a new storyline is used that truly is a "new" one. And Mark Wahlberg is planning to venture into one seems to have that quality. He's in talks to star in "Avon Man". The premise is that an out-of-work car salesman takes on the job of selling Avon products. He eventually becomes the top-seller and tries to save his town by getting his macho unemployed pals to join him so they can win a regional contest.

Sounds like it might just have a little comedy in it. Wahlberg has been producer on a number of film and tv projects and as an actor has never been the main comic element in a film, but he's shown up in a few, supporting other comedians. He co-starred with Will Ferrell as one of the bumbling cops in "The Other Guys". And played a supporting role in the Tina Fey/Steve Carrell hit, "Date Night". With his almost childlike deadpan delivery he's given audiences looking for a laugh, ignorant but vulnerable and likable characters.

And of course this characterization is never clearer than as "Dirk Diggler" in "Boogie Nights". That has got to be on my top ten list of favorite movies, giving us not only Burt Reynold's lasting abilities and new standalone actress Julianne Moore but also the comedy of John C. Reilly. I love that film despite it's rawness and shocking scenes.

He probably didn't think of himself as a comedian, but I think Mark Wahlberg has more to offer in that genre of movies, as an actor, than serious ones. Hugh Jackman had to turn "Avon Man" down because of scheduliing conflicts and there's no word yet on when filming will begin. Maybe he's in the "comic" mode now because Wahlberg's next movie release is a comedy with Seth MacFarlane, "Ted", due out in July. Here's a sample of the fun he gives audiences.

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