For all you Lubbock gamers out there, there's a new store coming just for you.

This new spot off Frankford Avenue will be selling sell board games, card games, Kickstarter games, trading cards, and RPGs every day for up to 30 percent off.

Kiefer Shipman is the one who's opening this store in Lubbock, but they have a couple of other locations. It's called The Gaming Goat. They currently have 73 stores and have been around for 11 years. They claim to have the best prices and selection of anyone.

Shipman said he has "been an avid gamer for about a decade now. I started my gaming journey while I was living in San Marcos, Texas. A friend introduced me to the game Catan, and not too long afterward, I really dove headfirst into the hobby. I even joined a local group there where we would play board games every week."

When the pandemic hit, Shipman lost his job and moved to Lubbock. He noticed when he moved here there weren't a lot of gaming groups or stores, so he wanted to change that.

"That’s when it hit me-open my own game store. Put my accumulated knowledge of the hobby together and use it to bring people into board gaming. I truly believe that people, in general, are in need of connection," said Shipman.

He believes board games can give you the human connection without screens or electronics and hopes this new store will do just that, gather people. He hopes to get more people talking, laughing and having fun.

"The Gaming Goat has a lot of titles that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. While we carry your everyday games that you would see at other game stores, one thing we specialize in is Kickstarter games, which are notoriously difficult to find outside of eBay scalpers. But we also offer up to 30 percent off MSRP daily," said Shipman.

While the store isn't done yet, here's a look at what another Gaming Goat store looks like:

The Gaming Goat
The Gaming Goat

The Gaming Goat is set to have their grand opening on  Saturday, July 23rd at 11 a.m. They will be located at 305 Frankford Ave #300 Lubbock, TX 79416. You can also find more about them on their website.

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