Here's a plea for one of my favorite places.

I grew up around some of the first Taco Bells. As young teens, we'd surf all day and then eat around the fire at the Taco Bell. We thought there would never be disloyal to a place that kept us so warm after being in a cold ocean. Then came Del Taco.

The same goes with living in Lubbock. I'm ALWAYS going to be a huge Taco Villa fan, but I think there's room for Del Taco here. Del Taco just hits differently. It's a bit more complex than a Taco Bell or a Taco Villa, and even features things way outside the purview of tacos.

Yes, a visit to Del Taco also gives you the option of burgers, shakes, and fries. No, it's not just Americanized Mexican food, after all, you can get churros for dessert. Vegetarians and vegans also have options at Del Taco.

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It's also crazy to me that so many people really went nuts for Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza comeback because, you know, that's just a flour tostada with a lid. Well, Del Taco still makes regular tostadas and what they call Crunchtadas. (Also, can someone tell me why on the west coast they are "tostadas" but they are called "chalupas" here?)

One more thing that totally matters... Del Taco was awarded 1st place for "Best Fast Food Taco," and that counts for a lot.

I'll be visiting family in California this summer. I'll be eating amazing fresh-caught seafood. I'll sample amazing sushi. I will try new restaurants and new dishes, but the first thing I will do is hit up a Del Taco.

C'mon Del Taco, I know you have 549 locations. How about giving Texas, specifically Lubbock, some love?

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