What a game. So many good things happening for both teams, but boy am I glad our Red Raiders kept the fire blazin' and pulled out with the WIN on Saturday!!!

Here's the thing: Both teams had something to prove this past weekend.

TCU, on their back-up quarterback now that Casey Pachall is out and off of the team indefinitely due to DWI charges, needed to prove they could come out and stand on their own and rally and play as a team without one man, a very key man, but none-the-less, just one man gone.

Texas Tech, after delivering a blow-out upset to No. 5 West Virginia, needed to prove that that victory was NOT a fluke and that they are here for real and fighting to win.

Luckily, in TRIPLE OVERTIME, the Texas Tech Red Raiders brought home a win !

The guys did some things very well on both sides of the ball and carried the momentum of the game throughout all four quarters and all three overtimes!

One thing that kind of surprised me about the media coverage since then, is that it's like the Wildcat play never happened in overtime....? Now, don't get me wrong, a win is a win, it doesn't matter what game plan was used or how fancy it looked, but that play in overtime looked pretty good!

I just figured if FoxSports pick four of Tech's touchdown plays from that afternoon to be in their Top10 that that play would've been one of them. Even the coverage Tech is getting on ESPN this afternoon mentions it. No acknowledgements what so ever, but like I said earlier, a win is a win and what I'm most excited about is that Tech won.

I'm hoping and putting my money on them this week that they can pull off another upset against Kansas State!