This was as much fun as I had hoped and held some great healthful surprises as well! I discovered aromatherapy in a little necklace, incredible organic jellies and salsas and much more!

There was such a wide array of fun stuff I ran out of time. I envisioned finding tons of great decor for my home, which I did, but what I was surprised by was all the great healthful tips I picked up along the way as well!

Some of the creative and inspiring vendors I found include Junkin' Folks, Lulu's Designs, Dapaws Puzzles and Crafts, Wild West Vintage Decor, Happy Junk Company, Rion Douglas Gifts, and Gourmet Snax.

It was 2 Sisters in Texas who showed me some great healthy tips with aromatherapy. A couple of drops on a special little necklace ball allows you to wear your healing scent all day. I'm excited to have a few samples and am currently wearing the Peppermint because it is wonderful and relaxing. I will keep you posted on my aromatherapy experiences as I try some of the other wonderful aromas.

As I wandered through wondering what would catch my eye, of course I found myself drawn to some beautifully jarred home made salsa at the Krazy Woman Ranch booth. She shared with me that the incredible ingredients for their jellies and salsas are grown by Amish farmers.

The Funky Junk Roundup at the Lubbock Civic Center last weekend was an adventure at every turn and I'm very much looking forward to it's return to Lubbock possibly this summer!

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