It's become a horrible hot trend in Lubbock crime: stealing packages from porches. It's happened again, and this time there's a pretty clear video of the thief.

Somebody out there knows who this person is. And if we can get him caught, he might lead us to others like him. Thieves run in packs.

I also wanted to share something that might help keep you from being the next victim. I know home delivery is the most convenient option available. I use it, too. But if I order anything worth a substantial value, I have it sent to the Amazon store by Torchy's Tacos near Texas Tech.

It isn't nearly as convenient as having your stuff on your porch when you get home, but it is a guarantee against theft. The Amazon@Lubbock store is located at 2407 9th St., #400 (see map below) in case you didn't know it existed.

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