Seven Lubbock defendants have been sentenced for their large-scale methamphetamine trafficking organization.

  1. Alejandro Garcia-Izazaga was sentenced to 30 years
  2. Anthony Wayne Reily to 19 years
  3. Ivan Cruz-Martinez to 19 years
  4. Zacarias Blanco-Olea to 17 years
  5. Amanda Nicole Marney to 15 years
  6. Ernesto Martinez, Jr, to 9 years
  7. Patricia Ann Hernandez-Salas to 7 years.

According to plea documents filed in the case, Garcia-Izazaga was facilitating the transportation of pound-quantities of meth in Lubbock and other major cities in the state of Texas.

On three separate occasions in the summer of 2017, Garcia Izazaga offered to pay Reily, Cruz-Martinez, and Blanco-Olea to transport large quantities of methamphetamine from other parts of the state to Lubbock.

The defendants were stopped by law enforcement for traffic violations on each occasion.