We get it. Sometimes when you leave your job you're not on the best of terms with your former employer. But did it really need to come to this?

According to a story on FOX 5 in Atlanta, Georgia, a Fayetteville man left his job back in November, but never got his final paycheck. Andreas Flaten alleged he was still owed about $915 from A OK Walker Autoworks and eventually took his case to the Georgia Department of Labor.

At some point this March Flaten left his house to do some shopping and spotted a big pile of coins on his lawn. A big pile of greasy, slimy, nasty, oil-covered coins with a friendly note that simply said, "F---- You."

That pretty much told Flaten that this was his final paycheck from his former employer.

Before he can take them to his bank and run them through the coin counting machine he'll need to clean every last one of them and that's not proving to be easy. He says he's using a solution of dish soap, vinegar, and water, and he can clean a couple hundred in an hour. Flaten did some calculating and figures that the 91,515 pennies deposited onto his front yard weigh about 500 pounds. Transporting them is going to be difficult, he stored them in his wheel barrow and the weight flattened both of its tires.

FOX 5 says they have contacted the business owner who simply confirmed that he had payed Flaten in legitimate United States currency and declined any further comment.

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