In Lubbock, we have a lot of good and a lot of bad. One of the bad is drivers, the roads, construction and the traffic lights.

Whenever I'm driving around Lubbock, I know that to save gas I really shouldn't be stopping and starting a lot. So when it comes to the traffic lights, I try to hit it just right so we can keep going and not stop. However, some traffic lights just don't seem to be timed correctly and are still red when you get there.

Some of them work well if you're going the exact same speed limit, but let's be honest: we either have really slow or really fast drivers in Lubbock, so there's no winning.

There have been even more traffic lights added recently around the city, which only makes it worse. I think all of this is the reason why we see so many people running red lights around town. I see it at least once a day.

I mean, we just saw in the news a story about a man running a red light and crashing into an SUV. It happened on one of the streets I see the worst at: 82nd Street. I've seen a bunch of crashes at intersections at 82nd Street and 98th Street because of this very reason. But how do we make this not happen, and why exactly is it like this?

That's an answer I sadly don't have for you. I totally understand everyone's side on this. But let's all try and be safe so no one ends up getting hit or killed because of our drivers. We all need to care for one another and be defensive drivers.

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