Back in December, I told y'all about the new art place coming to Lubbock. I've been a couple of times since they opened and had so much fun.

I was so worried it was going to be hard because I have no artistic ability but the hardest part was picking out my paint.

Hawaii Fluid Art is perfect for a kid's party, date night, work event or just to go for fun. I love how it is actually something you would put on your wall. No piece will be the same no matter how hard you try.

Hawaii Fluid Art was started by Maya Ratcliff in Hawaii because she needed a hobby and fell in love with this kind of art. People started wanting her pieces. She was selling them like crazy but decided she wanted to start teaching people how to do it and it just took off from there.

"I taught 1,000 people in my garage in six months," said Ratcliff.

She started opening them all over the United States. The Lubbock location will actually be the sixth location to open with more than 100 more locations coming soon around the country.

Dallas Marley and Kipp Bennett-Chew started the location here in Lubbock.

"I think Dallas and Kipp are extraordinary men and bringing this to the community in order to give back and create more business in Lubbock is something really special," said Ratcliff.

The technique they use is called interactive fluid art also known as flow art, liquid art, or acrylic paint pouring. It is fun and makes abstract paintings by using fluid mediums and can be taught to any age. This form uses acrylics with a runny consistency to create psychedelic paintings. There are endless creative possibilities and it is so satisfying to watch them spill across a surface.

Hawaii Fluid Art
Hawaii Fluid Art

Hawaii Fluid Art will offer classes for any and all ages to make these amazing pieces. They will offer open classes, private events, and offsite events for any need.

"We have several different methods and colors. You get to come and create exactly what you want and we teach you how to do it," said Marley.

The best part is this is great for anyone. From three year old all the way up to 80 years old, you can do it.

"The idea of having a space I want to come to every day. When we saw the location in Dallas we just wanted to be there and we have tried to create a space here that is like I just want to be here. I want my kids to remember growing up in the studio and making art," says Marley.

His kids will even be teaching some of the other kid's classes. He says that if you finish your piece and don't love it they will let you do another one. They guarantee you will be happy and satisfied when you leave.

For people of age, it will also be BYOB in case you want to enjoy an adult beverage while you do it. They will be two-hour classes and also great for kids too. You are able to pick your own colors and every piece is different.

They also have a lot of vendors at the location. They are looking for people wanting to sell their products or art to come by and be a part of what they are doing. So any vendors or artists that want to sell their stuff reach out to them on Facebook.

Depending on the size it will cost you around $65 per person and $35 per kid. They have been out on Slide Road since their opening but are now moving locations to the West End. They are hoping to be moved into their new location by November.

You can find out more information on their website or book there as well. They also take walk-ins as well. Their number is (800) 463-3793.

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