Hi, it's JP and I'm the most recent member of the Lonestar Air Force! I've got a problem to admit (and the first part of fixing a problem is to admit you've got a problem in the first place, right?).

To be clear, it isn't necessarily my problem, but rather my 13-year-old female dachshund's problem. And because Charlie (that's her name) can't speak and I'm the guardian, by default her problem becomes my problem.

You see, I think my dog loves alcohol. Wine, whiskey (even that 90+ proof stuff!) and especially beer. Frankly, she is elderly in dog years, so maybe I shouldn't fret too much and simply allow her to enjoy her golden years in comfort.

Fortunately for both Charlie and myself, the new World of Beer opening this year in the West End shopping center is coming to the rescue. And she's excited to hear that the World of Beer in Lubbock will be a pet-friendly establishment.

So, a nice Belgian triple for me and Young's Double Chocolate Stout for Charlie may be in order soon. I do, however, have a concern that World of Beer might not have a shirt in 'wiener dog' size as the one seen in this picture seems to be a bit big (Charlie would likely get lost inside this "cape"!).

Speaking of World of Beer in Lubbock, they are currently staffing up, so if you're looking for what could possibly be the best job on the planet, go speak with them soon.

(I wonder if they'll have applications for some kind of local mascot position Charlie could fill? Maybe a 'beer taster' position would work for her, too!)

Note: My dog doesn't actually drink alcohol. Don't call PETA. 

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