This is something Lubbock and other cities have never done. Soon Lubbock residents will have the choice on which power provider they use.

Lubbock will be the first city to volunteer to do this. Lubbock is actually the third-largest system in Texas.

Back in 2018, LP&L joined the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) which is the state’s main power grid. Then back in 2021, 70% of electricity customers in the area were moved from city-owned to the new ERCOT state-owned grid. The rest of the customers will move in May of this year.

LP&L says the choice of what company you want to go with will either begin in July or August of this year. It will go until September giving people about a month to 45 days to decide what they want. If you don’t choose, a random default provider will be assigned to you. The default providers have not yet been chosen.

I would explain this like choosing your phone provider, you can shop for what fits your needs perfectly and then get that one. You will be able to look at plans, pricing, and contract terms.

Once this starts LP&L won't be an electricity provider anymore, they will provide the transmission lines to connect your home to the various power company you choose.

Right now Lubbock hows LP&L, South Plains Electric Cooperative and Xcel Energy.

SPEC serves the rural areas that surround Lubbock and has been a member of the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives family since 1998. For more information visit the SPEC website.

Xcel Energy currently serves the areas that surround the city of Lubbock. For more information on rates and a map of the area covered, visit the Xcel Energy website.

Reliant will also be coming to Lubbock. You can find more about them coming to Lubbock here.

Here is a great video to explain more about what LP&L will be doing after the move.

You can find out more about this on their website.

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