At first, it's a funny idea, then you find out it's true. A Shotgun Wedding sale right here in Lubbock, Texas is making national headlines.

Buy an engagement ring, get a shotgun for free is the sale going on through this weekend at Thacker Jewelers.

It's the third annual event and gives you a certificate for a shotgun or rifle at LSG Tactical Arms with your qualified ring purchase.

This has been a great success for the past two years and is growing in popularity now for this third annual event, according to owner Joe Thacker.

Thacker has spoken with several news sources including CNN about the shotgun wedding sale.

In his CNN interview, Thacker said guns are a part of people's lives in West Texas, so combining a ring sale with shotguns was "a natural combination."

Thacker told CNN they were just having fun with the wordplay on the old shotgun weddings. "It's all tongue and cheek," he said.

This sale definitely gets attention. A sale with an idea so stunning there are folks all over the country checking it out. If you need a shotgun and a ring, your shopping list is all set right there. Happy Hunting!


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