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Is Lubbock a great place to film movies, television shows, and commercials? According to the Texas Film Commission, the answer is yes.

This week, the City of Lubbock was officially designated as a film friendly city and joins 150 other cities in Texas that have been designated that way. Lubbock went through the process in order to be in the mix for locations to film movies, television shows, commercials, animations, and video games.

According to a report from KAMC, the designation now means Lubbock could have an opportunity to have movies and television shows shot here which would boost tourism and economic development.

KAMC also reported that there could be some good news for private property owners according to John Osborne of Visit Lubbock.

“If by chance someone is interested in filming on [their] property, or [they] feel like you have something unique that a filmmaker might want to see, they can reach out to the Lubbock Cultural Art Foundation, “said Osborne. “We will see about trying to get some still photos or some short video clips that we can use in the promotion to filmmakers about Lubbock.”

I don't know how many movies will be coming out to Lubbock to film, but Lubbock would could work great for some different types of movies like Westerns. You think about the land and terrain just outside of Lubbock, and it would work great in movies trying to get that western feel. Filming in the Canyon Lakes area would also be great for commercials, television, and more.

And of course Texas Tech would be a great resource as well.

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