This breaks my heart. A Lubbock woman is mourning the loss of a bench of high sentimental value to her.

I'm begging whomever took the bench to bring it back. While it might get the thief a couple of bucks on a for sale group, the price of taking it from this woman is far too high.

From Melissa Ortiz Licon:

It’s of sentimental value. My uncle Sam made it for my dad whom both have passed. The bench was at my father’s house after he passed and my sisters and brother would all sit outside and enjoy people passing by. Both sisters and brother have passed so i brought it to my home. Me, my husband and daughter along with other family members would sit outside and enjoy the scenery, people passing by and waving and just taking some alone time. My husband passed in June 2020 so with his ins money, i had it renovated to a Texas Tech bench because we are big fans of Texas Tech. So the sentimental heart break it brings is the worst.

I'm asking all of you to vigilantly look for this bench, either appearing on a porch or in a for sale group. If you're an admin of a local for sale group, please report any submissions of this bench for sale to Lubbock police.

If you or someone you know took this bench and are having second thoughts, I will collect this bench, no questions asked. You can drop it off at our studios at 4413 82nd Street, or you can email me ( and I will arrange for someone to pick it up. I'm not interested in getting you into trouble; I'm interested in helping you save your soul from the guilt you must be feeling over this. If you feel nothing, feel fear for when the police catch you. This crime is punishable up to a year in jail and $4,000 in fines...if it's your first time.

If you choose to keep it or sell it, may you be forever haunted by what you've done.

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