After watching a news story on KCBD about this story I was left in total disbelief. Were you aware that city of Lubbock has NO tornado warning sirens? Amarillo has them. Midland has them. There are few cities the size of Lubbock that don't have a valid, tested on a weekly basis, tornado warning system. Lubbock has no sirens next to schools, protecting a neighborhood at a time. I can remember going through drills, hearing the tornado sirens test every Wednesday morning and it was even broadcast by the cable system. What has happened to our warning systems. No, we're not in a cold war and it may not be necessary to file the kids in an orderly fashion to a hallway that would be the designated "place" to be during an emergency. But, not having an audible warning siren that everyone knows, if they hear it, they need to take cover is just crazy. During the news story, Mayor Tom Martin was quoted as saying that the City of Lubbock has no sirens because they "don't work." "You can't hear them over the tornado." The Mayor also said that the city doesn't need an outdated warning system. Mr. Martin says that he experienced the Lubbock Tornado first hand and he couldn't hear the sirens because the tornado was so loud. My understanding the the siren warning system is to give citizens time to react BEFORE the cloud nears your location. Not during or after but an audible warning that gives you time to head to shelter. Which brings the question, do you agree that Lubbock SHOULD HAVE neighborhood tornado sirens especially around the schools? The Mayor contends that with current technology that everyone has a cell phone and would be alerted in that fashion, or, by some sort of media of an impending tornado. Yes, that may be a fact but not everyone has a smartphone. Tell Lubbock what YOU think, Yes we need sirens, or No, I agree with the Mayor.