Roswell who? Lubbock is reporting a bunch of UFO activity, 38 sightings as a matter of fact, and this does not go back to the Lubbock Lights.

Thanks to a tip from IFLScience, I found a site that gathers UFO sightings and sorts them by state, city, and more. I've honed in on the search here, but let's go through some highlights.

First, let me say: sorry, but there are no little green men, E.T.s, grays, or slobbering Cthullu end-of-days-monsters reported. What is reported are mostly crafts and strange and unfamiliar lights. There are reports of "elliptical-shaped craft," so one mentions an "enormous craft" over the town and another suggests "see-through UFOs."

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There are a bunch of reports of weird formations of lights. Including "white light," "green light," "triangular-shaped lights" and "bright white beams."

All of this information is on a site that allows self-reporting of UFO phenomenon. You can actually call up places from all over, so if you want to see if your hometown has any reports it's easy to do so.

I have to say that these reports are very, very low on details. On the other hand, for someone to take the time to say "I saw something" means a little something. I don't think we're ground zero for any invasion, but 38 different reports sure seems to be a lot -- even if the reports are from 1969 to the present day.

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