A Lubbock man posted on Facebook about their neighbor's dog being killed yesterday. The post claims that another person killed the family pet. And this all happened in the neighborhood of 16th and Iola.

I won't post the uncensored image here due to the graphic nature of the deceased animal, but if you want to read the post and see the image you can find it at this link.

After looking at the picture myself, I'm not convinced it was another person that did this to the pet. It might have been an animal. We have coyotes and foxes running wild in Lubbock. I don't know if it was another animal, either. I simply cannot tell one way or the other, and I'm no expert.

Hopefully, authorities have been contacted and can determine the cause of this gruesome death, because if it is a person doing this than they obviously need to be apprehended ASAP.

If it turns out to be a wild animal who attacked a small family pet, then we all need to stop the fervor about 'finding and getting revenge on the maniac who did this.' Many of the comments are downright violent in nature, too. I get that, but if this was a coyote or a fox on the loose in the city (and yes, there are hundreds of each living in Lubbock), then we really don't need to gather the pitchforks for a manhunt here.

We'll try to keep up on this story if anything changes. If we find out for sure what happened here, we will let you know as soon as we do.

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