This is an awesome day for the medical field in Lubbock.

According to Facebook and a press release, Covenant High Plains Surgery Center (CHPSC) announced Dr. Ryan C. Owen has completed the first robotic sacrocolpopexy in an independent freestanding surgery center in West Texas.

Sacrocolpopexy is performed to treat pelvic organ prolapse, which occurs when the connective tissues or muscles within the body cavity are weak and unable to hold the pelvis in its natural orientation.

The traditional approach is an open surgery through a 6-8-inch incision in the abdomen, but robotic surgery offers the advantages of smaller incisions, faster recovery, less pain, and decreased risk of infection. Patients generally go home the same day and return to normal life and work activities sooner.

Here is a look at their post on Facebook about it.

"I'm excited to offer our community the most innovative procedures using robotic surgical techniques," stated Dr. Owen, "and doing so at the top-rated ambulatory surgery center in West Texas means the best possible outcomes and highest satisfaction for my patients – at substantially lower cost than a typical hospital stay. My patient went home before noon, barely four hours after the procedure started. This was something unheard of not too long ago, and now it's available to everyone who needs this advanced level of quality care."

To find out more about Covenant High Plains Surgery Center, head on over to their website.

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