For the life of me, I don't understand why the good people of Lubbock aren't lining up to donate blood on the reg. It's really not that big of a deal. I took a quick look at my donor history and I've donated somewhere between 48-50 times since they removed the tattoo prohibition in 2008.

I'm not telling you my donation number as a humble brag. I'm doing it to show you that there are no consequences other than saving lives. I'm not scared, run-down, or suffering in any way. As a matter of fact, I feel better both physically and mentally after having donated.

Regular donations have also helped me keep up with my blood pressure, my iron, and more recently, my COVID antibodies. It's a great little health check and I find the whole thing very relaxing. You will also always feel better about yourself when you know you are doing something positive for your community and fellow humans.

Right now blood supplies are in a place where "tough decisions" have to be made (surgeries being put off, etc.). Yes, it's that bad right now and no one can quite put a finger on it. It appears to be just a general laziness or fear of needles keeping people away.  There's just no reason not to do this every three months or whatever suits your schedule. It's a tiny poke, then you rest for fifteen minutes, then head to the kitchen for free snacks and drinks (I had four cookies yesterday and I feel bad about it).

Guys, please help. Lubbock and West Texas need you. This is a problem that could be solved practically overnight. Give blood. Save lives. Repeat.

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