Lots of people do crazy things for the Olympics, especially in the hosting city. London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, decided to show his pride by zip lining and ended up getting stuck!

That's right! Good ole Mr. Mayor decided it would be a good idea to go zip lining yesterday and got stuck.

In the video you can tell he seems like a pretty happy-go-lucky guy (or at least as much as you can be when you're in a political office) and he spends time chatting to citizens standing just below him.

At one point, he points to somebody in the crowd and asks, "can you get me a rope?"

Be on the look out for pictures to hit the web, as well, because quite a large crowd is standing around at the end of this video taking pictures and laughing.

No word, yet, on why he actually got stuck, but it just looks like he wasn't ZIPPING fast enough to make it all the way across.

See the video below:

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