Lauren Alaina just dropped the simple-but-satisfactory (and effective) lyric video for her new single, the Carrie Underwood co-penned ‘Eighteen Inches.’ The teen’s pretty voice leads the lyrics as they unfold on screen in lean, clean, capital letters.

Overall, it’s incredibly simple animation that won’t win any graphic design awards, as the words just burst over a clouded backdrop. We actually expected a few more hearts to be incorporated into the visuals, since the lyrical hook is about the distance between your head and your heart. But they don’t overdo it.

Since the song appears on the ‘Idol’ runner-up’s debut album, ‘Wildflower,’ it’s appropriate that flowers burst at the end of the ‘Eighteen Inches’ lyric video.

As far as man-made clips go, this one is quite tranquil. The visuals won’t even come anywhere close to blowing you away, but perhaps that’s the point. Since the words are so weighty and the song’s lyrics message is poignant, they need to be the focus, as opposed to excessive visual bells and whistles which might distract from the point it’s trying to make.

Watch the Lauren Alaina ‘Eighteen Inches’ Lyric Video

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