Lady Antebellum began working on their fourth album on Tuesday and released an exclusive webisode covering the beginnings of the new greatness in the making!

Lady A is changing pen and paper ideas into reality this week, as they began rehearsing and putting songs together for their fourth album.

It’s only been three days, but already the hype for this album is phenomenal.

Lady A’s Hilary Scott says in the video that “It feels almost like how we felt when the first record was being recorded. That newness, that excitement is all there again. So stay tuned! We’re pumped!”

This trio has really unlocked the secrets to success with their harmonies and lyrics that people just can’t seem to get enough of.  It’s music that speaks to almost everybody and is contagious.

Their producer, Paul Worley, comments in the video about what fans can expect from this album: “We’ve got a whole new set of tones. We’ve found a whole ‘nother mother-load for Lady Antebellum.”

The latest webisode from Lady Antebellum is below for your viewing pleasure:

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