Kliff Kingsbury is an enigma.

He generally portrays a very straightforward persona of all business, but the custom-tailored suits, an extravagant draft day setup and more all point to something much more than just a boring football coach. Sure, Kingsbury works hard, but he also plays hard. You just don't always get to see that with how buttoned-up he keeps his personal life.

There are a few shining moments into the life the Kingsbury leads behind the curtain, and we got an absolute great peek at it via Peter Schrager from NFL Networks' Good Morning Football, who hosts a podcast with Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay.

The most recent episode's guest was the man of the hour, Kliff Kingsbury. Schrager was giving the preview to the episode to Pat McAfee during an interview on The Pat McAfee Show and dropped this incredible story.

In week 17 of 2019, the final regular-season game of the year when neither team had any playoff hopes on the line, Kingsbury called McVay up and asked for some sideline passes. The game was being held in Los Angeles, so Kingsbury couldn't get them himself. Did I mention this is like an hour before game time?

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It turns out the passes were for a European Instagram model Kingsbury had met that was in Los Angeles at the time. That's not the life of an ordinary football coach.

Now, the football guy in me is screaming, "shouldn't he be focused on the game," but that's quickly quieted down by regular guy me saying calmly, "dude, they were out of the playoffs and it was a model."

You can hear McVay, Schrager and Kingsbury himself talk about the incident and much more on the Flying Coach Podcast, hosted by McVay and Schrager. The link is below.

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