Let's just get something out in the open here. I'm working with some broad generalizations here.

I'm assuming most people in Lubbock like former Red Raiders who've gone on to play in the NFL. I'm assuming most people in Lubbock would either like to see the Dallas Cowboys win or watch them lose. The same goes for Baker Mayfield. I've also included a game for all six of you Houston Texans fans in Lubbock.

Just kidding, there are a lot of Texans fans in Lubbock. They just don't want to admit it right now. You know with the DeShaun Watson legal trouble, the bad roster, the lame-duck coach and losing. Other than that, though!

With all that said, here are 18 games, one for every week, that the average NFL fan with moderate Red Raider/Chiefs/Cowboys/Texans/Cardinals ties will absolutely want to watch.

18 Interesting NFL Games That Lubbock Will Be Begging Watch

That's right an NFL game from every week of the season that you'll want to watch.

Some weeks better than others.

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