Texas Tech football head coach Kliff Kingsbury addressed members of the press in Lubbock Tuesday afternoon at Texas Tech University's 2015 football media day, revealing he would make his choice for the team's starting quarterback shortly into training camp.

"We're still sorting through [the process of choosing a starting quarterback]," Kingsbury told the media. "We'll see how it's going, how we feel as a staff, what we think the proper move is, but I do anticipate having a decision made fairly early in camp."

Answering a question about what happens when his players show a lack of discipline, something Texas Tech fans noted during the 2014 season, Kingsbury injected a little levity.

"It's top-secret. It is early. Maybe if you get up there around 4:30 a.m. one day we can put you through it," Kingsbury joked. "They hate waking up, as you know most college students do. And so that's a big part of it. But we'll get them out there and do certain drills with them if you will."

Photo: Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media

Kingsbury also had high praise for both Texas Tech quarterback contenders, Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes.

"They're two of the hardest workers on our team," Kingsbury said. "I just know they've been working hard, I see them up there all the time, watching films, studying."

Kingsbury said he expects to have two full-contact scrimmages in August before naming a starter.

"Just depending on how I feel after that first one, if I felt like there's a big enough gap there, we'll name a starter and go," he said.

The pressure to pick the right players for the right spots is a very real concern for Kingsbury, who saw his Red Raiders sputter to a 4-8 season in 2014.

This year, with a new defensive coordinator (in David Gibbs) and focus on defense, Kingsbury and his coaching staff are hoping to put the past behind them. Look no further than the Texas Tech 2015 football hype video, with its theme of "new year," as proof.

But when it comes to pressure to win, no-one puts more pressure on Kliff Kingsbury to win than Kliff Kingsbury.

"No, this is my alma mater, so no," Kingsbury said in response to a question about whether or not he feels any more pressure to win than normal.


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