My friend Ronnie Eaton had a special guest in the audience Tuesday night.

Kiefer Sutherland had a show at the Cactus Theater Tuesday night and apparently decided to take a walk down the street to catch the local talent. Luckily for him, my friend Ronnie Eaton was on stage to serenade the actor (along with Dave Martinez, Will Felty, and Aaron Smith).

Sutherland was actually quite gracious and complimentary of Ronnie and told him he had a great voice. Kief actually hung out and had a few smokes with the guys afterward. He wished Ronnie well on his move to New York, and said "I can tell your friends here love you and are gonna miss you." Then, he advised Ronnie not to "take any wooden nickels" while he was up there.

As much as I'd like to make this just about Kiefer, Lubbock is about to lose a treasure and I need to point that out. Ronnie Eaton has just three gigs left before he moves to the Big Apple.

If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, catch Ronnie for the Sunday Song Swap at Bootleggers Lounge, on Friday, May 18th at the Triple J Steakhouse. His final gig will a benefit for Rode Morrow on 5/20 at the Blue Light Live.

I strongly encourage you to get out and see the guy that Jack Bauer thought enough of to compliment before he leaves town.

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