During his normally wild and fun performance at Lubbock's United Supermarkets Arena Friday night, country star Kane Brown got serious and shared an emotional story with the thousands in attendance. 

After thanking the crowd for their support making his debut album such a hit, Brown went into a story about growing up in a small town in Georgia and the obstacles he faced.

"I had a single mom, she was 18 when she had me, she didn't have a job at all," Brown started. "She had a 1990s Honda that I used to sleep in the back. She used to feed me Cheerios and said I was the happiest baby ever."

After giving a "shout out to all the single moms out there," Brown's story took a dark turn.

"Then, my step dad came into the picture, and...he's an a--hole," Brown said. "He did some things to me that he shouldn't have. Basically, I had bruises all over my body and my mom was at work. I told him I wanted to go to my nana's house, so he had to drop me off there. She was giving me a bath before bedtime and she saw all the bruises on my body. She asked me what happened, and I told her, and she had him locked up three weeks later."

The rowdy crowd erupted hearing the appropriate punishment for such a despicable crime.

"I got a pretty cool-ass nana, she's cool," he said. We agree.

Brown also said he faced racism growing up in a small town in Georgia, but refused to let it affect his attitude, calling the United States "the best damn country" and sharing his appreciation for the men and women fighting all over the world to keep it safe and free.


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