Justin Moore and Easton Corbin may be big country stars with diehard fanbases, but that doesn't prevent them from being fanboys of reality TV badasses. Both singers tweeted photos of themselves with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his lovely yet equally rough and tumble wife Beth at pre-ACMS festivities. They were psyched.

Moore shared a photo of himself and the criminal chasing couple with a simple caption: "Be jealous! DOG and BETH!" You can see in his eyes that he is stoked to have met the pair. It's the little things in life that make all the difference. The ACMs aren't until Sunday, April 7, but the fun is already being had by country stars.

Corbin's interaction was a little more, uh, dangerous. The singer was having a nice meet and greet with the duo and shared a photo, writing: "A visit with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth was going fine."

A few minutes later, he tweeted another shot that finds him in a headlock, but it was not his head stuffed between Dog's biceps, which isn't exactly be an enviable place for one's noggin, regardless. He was actually getting (wo)manhandled by Beth. Corbin posted: "Then this happened."

All in good fun!

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