Josh Turner is known for having one of the best voices in country music and for that reason he is in demand. His latest touring dates are this weekend, Friday at Meridian, Mississippi and Saturday in Biloxi, Mississippi and coming up March 21 in Austin, Texas.

And he's one of the lucky ones, getting to take his family along with him. His wife, Jennifer, plays keyboards, and they have three boys, all under the age of five. But man, the memories they are making. When the youngest boy was born back in December 2010 Josh got a new bus telling this site the bus company was pretty accommodating to them. "They gifted us with a baby monitor--it's like an iPod, it has video so you can watch him outside the bus."

He says traveling is quite an experience and while he's fine letting someone else do his laundry, he loves to cook for his wife and boys and they have a favorite. He tells one station, "The last thing that the family has seemed to like is Mexican chicken burgers. Ground put taco seasoning in it, put it on the grill then you put it on a bun, avocado,'s awesome." Sounds pretty good, huh? Here's one of my favorites of Josh's songs.