In less than a month, Jerrod Niemann's fans will be able to get their hands on 'Donkey,' a laugh-out-loud new track from the 'High Noon' album. The song -- available for preview via this Taste of Country exclusive -- plays also plays a pivotal role in Niemann's 'Journey to High Noon,' a wild western filmed amongst a bar full of outlaws and beautiful women. 

'High Noon,' in stores on March 25, features the current Top 20 single 'Drink to That All Night.' 'Donkey' is a similarly energetic, dance club-inspired country song.

“I’m gonna ride that donkey, donkey / Down to the honkey tonky / It’s gonna get funky, funky,” Niemann sings in this clip.

The 'Journey to High Noon' trailer is available at The clip teases a traditional Western ... sort of. Instead of guns and ammo, Niemann holds bottles of beer in his bandolero. He's fighting a grizzled old outlaw named Big Bad Les James in a battle that will prove who can hold their liquor better. The fate of the donkey and the Buzz Back Girl may be at stake in this duel.

Listen to a Sample of Jerrod Niemann, 'Donkey'

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