JAB Fest, named after Josh Abbott Band, is back in Lubbock on Sept. 22nd. EVERY country music lover in Texas should plan to not miss this event and I'll tell you why!

JAB Fest is quickly becoming the fall's most anticipated event in Lubbock and this year the festival is bringing a VERY promising, crowd-pleasing line-up!

You'll be able to see the best of Red Shahan, Bri Bagwell, Hogg Maulies, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, and of course the festival's name-sake band: Josh Abbott Band!

That right there is one big 'ole reason to be there, but trust me there are more!

The location is perfect for this kind of festival! At the Lonestar Amphitheater, there is PLENTY of room for everyone to lay back (literally) and hang out for a good time. There's also an awesome wide concrete pit at the base of the hill that is perfect for some Texas-country two-steppin'!

Another reason why you can't miss this event is that it only happens ONCE A YEAR! and if you're on the edge to see these bands then you better get it in gear because the same line-up won't be back. This line up is a once in a lifetime kind of thing!

What goes better with country than an ice cold beer and some BBQ? Texas Style BBQ will be available from Hoffman BBQ all day.

A concert at a normal venue would mean sitting shoulder to shoulder with others. This festival is not just allowing, but encouraging all lawn chairs and blankets for this all day event. It's going to be over six hours of boot-scootin' good times!

Sept. 22nd is a Saturday and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with an lawn chair, a beer, some shades, your best buddies, and some of the best Texas country in the state? There isn't!

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Check out some videos below from everyone in the line-up to help get you excited for the show!

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